You Have 5 Days To Apologise Or I Will Sue You -Emelia Brobbey To Another Actress

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5 Days To Apologise Or I Will Sue You -Emelia Brobbey To Another Actress

Actress, Emelia Brobbey is demanding an apology from fellow Kumawood actress known as Safina Haroun for defaming her.

Safina had described Emelia Brobbey as arrogant in an interview she had with the blog, and it has pissed off Emelia as she feels that statement demeans her brand.

Emelia Brobbey who broke the news report of Emelia’s intention to sue Safina stated that lawyers of the actress have stated that, that comment was derogatory and it has hugely affected the brand of their client

“Our client instruct us that the deraogatory statement you made about her has greatly lowered her reputation as a humblle, calm and respectful person among her colleague actors, m,ovie producers, business partners as well as friends and family and has further dampened her brand and career as an actress the statement avaiable to stated.

Safina who is an up and coming actress has been asked to apologise before 12th March, or meet them in court.

“We have our client’s instructions to demand that you render an unqualified apology to our client and to retract the comments made about her. You are to cause the publication of the said apology and retraction, in the same manner, medium and with same intensity as the derogatory statement made about our client. This must be done on or before the 12th of March 2019”.


Safina Haroun was reported to have said in the interview that “she was once bullied by the veteran actress after choosing her as her role model and motivator.” According to the report, ”

Actress Safina Haroun explained that she was very happy over her first encounter with Emelia but she turned all her happiness into sorrows after she humiliated and scolded her as if she wasn’t a human being.

Safina Haroun
She further added that Emelia’s action brought a lot of tears in her eyes and cried for some days before coming to her normal self. Comparing Nana Ama McBrown and Emelia Brobbey as her two female role models, Safina hurled praises on the TV program host for being such a kind and receptive human being.

She stated that she has taken McBrown as her mother and her inspirer who always motivate her in her acting career and in time of difficulties.”



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