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Yaw Dabo’s Profile, Age, House, Cars, Girlfriend and other Facts about him.

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Complete Biography About Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo A.K.A Adwen Kessie

Stage Name: Adwen Kessie

Real Name: Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo

Date of brith: Born on 1998

Age: 22 years old (2020)

Nationality: Ghana

Occupation: Comic Actor

Genre: Comedies

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His real name is Samuel Nana Dabo, popularly known as Dabo, also known as Adwen Kessie ( Big Brain), is a comedian kumawood grass started making waves after appearing in several Ghana movies and starred in more of 60 local films.

Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo was born.

Yaw Dabo was born in 1998 in Ghana, he is a comic actor in the Kumawood movie industry from Ghana and his stage name is ” Dabo”. The Ghanaian actor is 16 years old, but he has assumed to be over 26 due to his appearance.

The comedian revealed in a recent conversation that he joined the Ghanaian comedy industry because of its small size, he found it a bit difficult in his career, but the world of cinema by the popular of actor Kwaku Manu.

The young man is not an actor and comedian, he also has entrepreneurial skills, he owns three soccer teams in the division of colt with teams of U-10, U-14 and U-17. He had always wanted to act, but he found it difficult to find his way into the film industry.

Fortunately, the actor Kwaku Manu introduced him to the circles of kumawood since his birth in the industry, he has been able to appear in more than 50 films, but his most popular films to date are “Megye Wo Girl” and ” Our Judges”.

Yaw Dabo revealed that kumawood does not pay much, but as he grows, his salary also increases, so he is optimistic about the future of his acting career.

In addition to acting, his income comes from other points of view, including the three soccee teams he founded. In a conversation, he states that his size is one of the reasons he tried to watch movies, as many people thought it was useless because of that. He decided to capitalize it through cinema.

The budding comedian Kuamawood recently revealed to be rich, which is not the lifestyle of many Ghanaians celebrities, he would prefer to keep the secret of sucess. But Dabo seems to believe otherwise and i would blame the personality.

Yaw Dabo’s Wife

People doubted that Dabo really dating it, but Vivian intervened by recording a video in May to assure the general public that they really attend. Vivian professed her love for Dabo saying:

” My love of Yaw Dabo it’s natural, don’t understimate him, he is my heart”.

Adwen Kessie Age

How old is Adwen Kessie? Adwen Kessie was born on 1998, currently 22 years old as at 2020.

Adwen Kessie Education

Adwen Kessie education is unknown to the public.

Adwen Kessie Philanthrophy

“People watch us in movies and think we only fool but we also have our personal interest in other fields”, he said.

” I am an ardent football man and i own three teams in the colts division with an U-10, 14 and 17 teams”.

” All these have talented players i scouted to play matches every weekend, i have to pay for the expenses of the matches and i have invested so much into the club and it is because i want to help the youngster develop their talent”.

On how he sees football administration and the hustle in owing a football club, Dabo stated lack of support for grassfoots football in Ghana calling on the Ghana Football Association to attend to them.

“Our premier league is dying because we don’t produce talent at the grassroots level. The 2015 kumawood Award Winner also revealed that he sometimes acts as the coach for hia teams matches because he thinks most of the coaches are not good eneough.

” I employ coaches but sometimes i coach my teams in matches and we win”.

Yaw Dabo house and Cars


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