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High Performance and Durability are assured: The automobiles have been ruthlessly tested in some of the most hostile environments, under extreme temperatures, and across the harshest terrains in the country.

They are built to withstand extreme African weather conditions, road systems and environment to enhance durability and performance among others. On this path, the Kantanka automobiles would reduce frequency of maintenance and operational cost. In other words, the products are financially and economically friendly to the consumer.

Safety is 100% Guaranteed: The automobiles also boast of strategic safety features of international standards including the crash avoidance, driver assistance and advance traction and suspensions systems.

The vehicles have comforting and relaxing interiors differentiated with supportive seats of unique layouts, effective climate control system to breeze out your stress and quality stereo systems among others. They also have, of course, spectacular human-machine interface, side by side latest Kantanka technologies of classic styles. This comfort made possible by KANTANKA technologies, is an exclusive privilege in its own right.

With the new line-up of advanced Kantanka engines (proudly made in Ghana), the automobiles have proven ability to deliver extra power, fuel economy efficiency and less emissions.

The Kantanka Pickups are designed primarily for hard work. In addition to the above features, they are equipped with class-leading payload and towing capability, along with a range of features and accessories to manage all kinds of varying weight. They are recommended for both personal and corporate use.

The Kantanka Automobile Company also have customisation platforms to enable individuals to request for customisation of the Kantanka Vehicles. Any lifestyle, uniqueness and preference alterations requested can be attached to the vehicles technological make-up. KANTANKA cars are advanced indeed. Just dream about it, and it would be designed.


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Affordability is assured: The Kantanka Automobiles are poised to be the practical financial choice for every consumer.

The company has first class customer service and 100% customer satisfaction as one of its major and key principles. The workers have warm hearts to receive you, pay attention to your specifications and offer suggestions to help you make the best choice suiting your life style and/or purchasing power. They also have excellent customer feedback systems in place and are readily available 24/7 for guidance and assistance.

By buying Kantanka Automobiles (proudly made in Ghana), you are also indirectly investing in Ghana (and Africa). When you buy Kantanka Automobiles, the money stays in the society and circulates thereby strengthening other entrepreneurial ventures in the country, all in a collective effort to better our lives and keep the economy alive.

By buying Kantanka Automobiles, you are demonstrating to the world that you are proud to be Ghanaian/African. It is also a show of confidence in Ghana and Africa of which you, your family and lovely kids form part.

With Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo ( a devoted man of God and a technological genius) at the helm of affairs of the Kantanka Automobile Company as well as with the prayers and support of the people, there are brighter days ahead.

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