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Wonders: Sakawa Boy Sell Bag Of Rock Salt As Diamond To Obroni For 76,964 Ghana Cedis

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Wonders they say shall never end. Everyday and it’s mind-blowing news. Latest information reaching us indicates that, Sakawa Boys are not joking at all this year. They are determined to break all records and if possible set a new one.

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Just recently, another Sakawa Boy sold the Jubilee House of Ghana to his client and we thought that was all. However, the information reaching us indicates that another Boy has broken the record we thought could not be.

According to our sources, this Sakawa Boy sold a Bag of Rock Salt to his client for a huge sum of money. The Obroni (White man) thought it was Diamond and decided to buy half price for it and the other when the deal is sealed. However, the Obroni was perplexed when he saw that the supposed Diamond was actually salt.

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At the moment, all search to unearth this particular Sakawa Boy has proved futile. Now, our question is, did the Sakawa Boy do well or He is painting the country black as the former president of Ghana, John Mahama did with Azar Paint. Let’s hear from you in the comment box.


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