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Woman Discovers She’s Been Married To A Dead Man For 6 Years, Then This Happens (With Photos)

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Usually we only see stuff like this happen in movies, but it seems this one actually happened for real, as a woman is reportedly crazy as a result of her own personal experience

Woman Discovers She’s Been Married To A Dead Man For 6 Years, Then This Happens (With Photos) 1

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The woman identified as Mrs Grace Amadi, recently discovered she had been married to and raising two children with a man who reportedly died as far back as 2002. According to reports, Grace who had been married to her husband identified as Tony for six years, was said to have lived peacefully with him.

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The pair had their two daughters in 2011 and 2013 and lived in waterside in old Port Harcourt town, where Tony also had a job he went to every morning. Grace got to know about her husband’s death following a visit from someone who claimed to be his distant relative, who had come to the house when Tony had left for work, bearing old pictures of him. Grace was said to have started screaming in disbelief, fear and anger, while also throwing herself on the ground repeatedly in a bid to inflict injuries on herself, causing her neighbours to gather and see what caused her anguish.

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According to the neighbours, the pictures brought by Tony’s relative showed one where he was married to another woman in May 2000, another one where he was in a car accident that claimed his life, and another one where he was laid-in-state during his funeral in July 2002, the last picture was one of his grave’s headstone which also showed his full name with birth and death dates.

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Refusing to believe the story, some people tried to contact Tony by calling his phone and even going to his office, but neither worked as he reportedly never arrived the office on that day he left for work. Grace who has become a basket case, has been taken to a local prayer house for ‘spiritual treatment’, while the neighbours have taken over the caring of her children. Na wa oh! This one pass film trick oo!

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