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With Just Ghc300, You Can Have Slay Queen Shugatiti For 2 Nights Or More Depending On Your Bargaining Power

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Slay queen, Shugatiti who goes about claiming to be an actress in an interview on Angel TV bragged and lied that she charges men as much as $5,000 (Ghc28, 825) before sleeping with them.

According to Shugatiti, “charges are very high and that any man who wants to sleep with her should be prepared to pay five times more of what others give to her for free”.

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She continued that; “Some men can just call me and give me $1000 without sleeping with me so nudity has been an enabler and I’m sticking to that career direction.

I take $5,000 and above because men give me one thousand dollars for doing nothing so I won’t charge less if you want to sleep with me. I need to take good care of myself so my charges are very high”.

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Who in his right senses will pay as much as $5,000 just to sleep with Shugatiti──when he can actually have her for two or more nights for as low as Ghc300?

You can have Shugatiti for a few nights for Ghc300 depending on your bargaining power.

Just make a move and you’ll surely have her for Ghc300 because whatever she said in her interview with Angel TV are all lies──aimed at throwing dust in the eyes of people that she isn’t as cheap as people think.

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