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Who is Wendy Shay?

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You probably have heard of the name Wendy Shay after the hit song Uber driver was released, and are wondering who she might be. She has commonly been confused severally with an actress who happens to share the same name with her. This article will answer the question who is Wendy shay by a taking you through Wendy Shay history as well as some of the songs she has sang.

Who is Wendy Shay?


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If you would like to know more about Wendy Shay, this article will provide you with details about the singer and you will surely learn a few things you probably did not know about her. Keep reading to learn more.

Wendy Shay biography

Who is Wendy Shay?



Wendy Shay is a Ghanaian artist and nurse by profession. Born Wendy Addo, Wendy Shay was raised in Germany. She talks of her experience in Germany being quite tough since she was the only black in her class at the time. In Germany she worked as a nurse until when she quit her job as a nurse to return to Ghana to develop her music career. Wendy disclosed that she was introduced to music by Bullet the Manager at Rufftown records, after a short conversation in an event in Accra.

Wendy Shay uber driver song

Among Wendy Shay songs, Uber driver is the song that got Wendy to the airwaves. The song Uber driver by Wendy shay was released in June 2018 after she had signed with Rufftown records. This big tune jumped on the top trending on the YouTube section within after 24 hours of its release, and currently it’s enjoying massive airplay in Ghanaian TV and radio stations.

In an interview at TV Africa, Wendy says she got the idea of the song from the Ghanian Uber drivers whom she says they are very friendly. She says Uber drivers in Germany would wait and watch their customers till they get to their car, but the drivers in Ghana are very friendly and usually go for their customers instead. The idea of becoming a musician became a reality when Bullet offered to assist her in writing the song and producing it.

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The song was a massive achievement to the record label and Wendy considering she was a new artist in the Ghanaian industry and few artists have been able to achieve this with their first songs, not even Ebony. The manager of Rufftown Music Bullet, even shared a screenshot of how impressive he was by the response Ghanaians had on the song. It was almost imaginable that a new musician from in Ghana could make more than 57,000 views within the first 24 hours on YouTube.

Despite the success of the song, there has been a lot of critiques by some of Ebony fans. The song has been criticized by many saying that Wendy can’t be compared with the late diva. Some of her attackers claim that Wendy has been trying to copy Ebony and in no way, she can replace her.

In response, ebony has clearly said that she is not trying to replace Ebony but working her way in the industry. This was in an interview in MTN. Currently Uber driver song has over 1,300, 000. You can also visit Rufftown records channel on YouTube to view more of Wendy Shay videos.

Being a young artist we expect more from her.

Wendy Shay Photos

Who is Wendy Shay?


Wendy photos re always stunning. she has great poses and she always look beautiful. Most of her fan take their time and look at the photos and appreciate them on social media.

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