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Which of Them Makes A Better Wife? Nurse or Policewoman. (See PHOTOS)

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One of the most time-consuming but highly respectable and noble profession is nursing and being a police officer. That is why anyone who has a car sees a nurse for instance walking by the roadside or standing at a bus waiting for a public to join to work tends to give that nurse a free lift, shows the magnitude of respected that is reserved for those people in that profession.

Despite it being being a great profession, the women especially in the police profession face quite a number of challenges or ridicule from some people. Another problem too is that there is an allegation against ladies in those two profession that they can’t have stable marriages because , they too little or no time for the families because day in day out they find themselves at one station or duty to the other.

Others have refuted to this claim saying that the most nicest wife you can have is either a policewoman or nurse. Today I want find out from you , who amongs the two to you makes a good and why. Feel free to share your sentiments.

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