Wendy Shay Breaks The Internet Again With Wild Photos And Criticism On Social Media

In that interview, she was simply asked the question: “Who is Wendy Shay”, but feeling she was being belittled by the presenter, Wendy Shay got offended, called the question dumb and walked out on the presenter.

Most Ghanaians have condemned her action, with most people accusing her of disrespect.

Agiasnt this background, a photo of the ‘Uber Driver’ which has been shared on social media has attracted lots of criticisms, with some people describing the photo as ‘dumb’.

The photo sighted by has Wendy Shay confidently displaying her nipples, while she sat with her legs opened widely.

Most of her fans and followers have said she looked ugly in the photo, with one person saying even Bukum Banku’s face was prettier than Wendy’s.


For instance, Kollynz said in the Twi language that Bukom Banku’s face was presentable than Wendy Shay’s:

kollynz: “ maturity over petulant Bukum Banku face mpo nfa ne ho.”

Daviod also said in the Akan language that Wendy was ugly:

iamdaviod: “Aho)tan paa nie��.”

Gyanie wanted to know if it was Wendy Shay in the photo or the photo was tampered with:

gyanie_agye“Is this her fr fr or the pix was tampered?????like wtf…..”

Mhims said Wendy looked like an alien:

mhims_“She looks like an alien.

Bacryyuio simply wrote: “Dump look”:

bacryyuio: Dump look.”

Sonia claimed that Wendy was not beautiful:

soniamercedezz: “She’s not beautiful at all.”

Nana Akua wrote that Wendy Shay scared her:

nana_akua_adom: “U scared methis early morning.”

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Sasha also added that Wendy Shay looked like a man:

sashabaebruce“She looks like a man.”

Qwame also described Wendy Shay’s photo as “nightmare”:

qwame_og: “Nightmare paa nie.

Wendy Shay has often been in the news for mainly controversial reasons.

Recently, a former news presenter, Bridget Otoo, slammed her for trying to use the late Ebony to promote her music.

Bridget said it was disrespectful for Wendy Shay to ride on the painful death of the late musician to fame.