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“We Can’t Wait For Another Nation’s Address. All Schools Must Be Closed Now”. (Opinion).

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A lot of parents whose kid’s lives are still in danger can’t still fathom as to why nothing is done to protect the lives of these innocent school children. Though the government has done his possible best ever since schools were resumed way back in January to protect our innocent school children by providing both public and private schools with enough PPEs, but the fear of most parents keeps on escalating with the current pace of the covid cases especially among students.

The current statistics as provided by the Director of the Ghana Health Service GHS, confirms that over 50 students in our various schools have tested positive for the new variant covid 19 with the Nationwide active case almost moving into it’s sixty thousands and the current death toll a little over 400.

This surge in the active cases forced the first Gentleman of the land, President Akufo Addo to place a ban on all funerals, reduced the contact hours in our various churches back to two hours, closed down all pubs and night clubs in other to control the spread of the virus.

With matters still getting out of hands, the speaker of Parliament, Right Honourable Alban Bagbin announced some days ago that sitting at the Parliament house had been suspended for two Weeks after it was confirmed that some 14 Parliamentarians have tested positive for the virus.

But what most Ghanaians don’t understand is why the president is still refusing to close down all schools after over 50 students has been confirmed to have tested positive. In my candid opinion I Dont think the president should risk the precious lives of our kids by waiting for another week for a nation’s address before he announce a close down of all schools.

These kids are mostly ignorant of how the virus behaves and for that matter live their school lives as they used to in the pre covid period which I think is accounting to the increase in the positive cases.

If members of Parliament who are old and matured enough to observe the safety protocol has taking a bold step to suspend sittings, Mr president, please do our kids the favour by closing down schools for months in order to safe the future leaders.

Help let’s protect our innocent school children’s lives by typing ” Please Close down all schools now Mr president” at the comments section below.

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