Video: Yaa Jackson Is A Small Girl, I’m Way Better Than Her _ Papa Kumasi’s Girl

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Video: Yaa Jackson Is A Small Girl I’m Way Better Than Her _ Papa Kumasi’s Girl

Dufie ‘The Mask Girl’, an up and coming Afrobeats musician signed onto Papa Kumasi’s ‘TeamCiano’ has launched the first ‘attack’ which is directed at the camp of her colleague Kumasi based musician, Yaa Jackson.

According to Dufie, even though they are both striving assiduously to put the Garden City capital on the musical map of Ghana, the ‘Tear Rubber’ hitmaker cannot much her when it comes to musically dexterity.

Speaking on the ‘Uncut’ show recently, the ‘Atadwe’ singer disclosed that Ghanaians cannot compare somebody who has been doing active music for fourteen years to someone who started doing music just about four years ago. In her view, such a comparison will be very bad and wrong.

She also revealed that this pronouncement she made is something Yaa Jackson can never challenge but confirm because she is aware that they don’t belong to the same class in the music world.

Her boss, Clement Sarfo, who is popularly known as Papa Kumasi who was also on the show confirmed that the pronouncements of the musician are very true.

Watch the video of Dufie ‘The Mask Girl’ blowing her horn below:





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