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VIDEO: Tears Flow As Sunyani Serial Kɨller Kɨlls His 12-yeas-old Brother & Other Missing Kids In The Community

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Richard Gyamfi has been uncovered as a serial killer in Sunyani by his community folks.

The 28-year-old was arrested at Alaska Junction in Sunyani over the death of his missing brother.

The missing brother, 12 years of age was found dead in a building at the residence of Richard Gyamfi.

The kid was reported missing by his mother and some folks in the community said they last saw him with Richard Gyamfi.

When Richard Gyamfi was asked, he confirmed that he was with him but the kid told him he was going to his mother’s house.

The mother and the area guys went to the police station to report the boy as missing and returned to continue with their search.

As they continued with their search, the mother said something tells her the elder son, Richard Gyamfi knows the whereabout of her younger son.

So the area boys took the search to where Richard Gyamfi lives and search the buildings there except one which he told them no one lives in because the last tenant has evacuated.

This didn’t stop them from staying in the house to continue with the search.

One of the area boys went behind the very building Richard Gyamfi told them the occupant had evacuated only to hear the sound of a functioning refrigerator.

He peeped through the window, only to see the missing boy on the floor.

At that very point, his suspicion was confirmed so he told the other area boys to rush and bring the police to the scene.

The police officers broke into the building only to see the missing kid dead.

They opened the refrigerator only to see other dead bodies in there.

One of the dead bodies was a boy who has been reported missing since last week.



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