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Video Of Shatta Wale Chopping Love With Magdalene, ‘His Cousin’, In His Car

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With all the cousin and chopping brouhaha that has caused a third world war between Ayisha Modi and Shatta Wale, the dancehall king has been sighted in a video chilling with the enzyme in this whole feud – Magdalene.

Not long ago, Ayisha Modi exposed Shatta Wale for sleeping around with his so-called cousin, Magdalene Luv.

Well, it was also revealed that Magdalene who used to reside in the dancehall king’s East Legon residence caused the split between Shatta and Michy.

It appears the allegations from Ayisha Modi may be true as we sight a video of Shatta and Magdalene Luv chilling in his car.

The alleged love birds were jamming to Shatta’s song. Magdalene had taken over Michy’s favorite spot in the front seat of Shatta’s expensive car.


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