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Video Of Couple Chopping Se_x On Rooftop Pops Up On Social Media

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Believe it or not, social media was not left out following a video showing a couple performing a sekz action on the Sandton City rooftop on Saturday.

In the video taken by someone who was in the opposite building, the man can be seen with his pants down as the woman chopping luv with him, much to the eyewitnesses’ amusement.

The Sandton City management said it was aware of the video, disclosing that a case had been opened against the couple.

It said:

“Sandton City’s security acted appropriately and a case has since been opened with the SAPS.
“The centre confirms that behaviour of this nature is not tolerated and is taken very seriously and, with this, all remedies at law will be used to appropriately deal with this incident.

“The investigation into this matter is being handled by the SAPS and any queries should be directed to them.

“The safety and security of shoppers and tenants are of utmost importance to Sandton City.”

Kindly take note that, its against policy to post the bare video here.. Click This Link To Watch Video



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