Video: Meet The Ghanaian Trotro Mate Who Goes To Work In A Suit & Tie

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Meet the Ghanaian Trotro Mate who goes to work in a Suit & Tie

A Ghanaian professional Trotro mate has gone global over his sense of fashion to work.

The mate always whips a Suit & Tie proudly to work without bothering about what others will say about him.

GhOne TV first reported on the Trotro mate by interviewing him on why he chooses to go the executive way to a work regarded as ‘useless’ and for the ‘lazy’ by many.

The executive mate who seems to enjoy his way of life noted that he enjoys what he does.

According to reports, he gets close to Ghc70.00 tip on daily basis from passengers who really enjoy his style of dressing.

He revealed that he is saving the tips for his own car soon.

The Executive mate disclosed to GhOne TV that many mates do not like bathing and dressing but he is a direct opposite of them.

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