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VIDEO: Kumiwaa Narrates How She Spent Over A Year In USA Jail Over Cocaine Allegation And Addresses Despite’s Rumor

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Ghanaian actress, Kumiwaa has addressed the aged long rumors about how she was jailed in America over cocaine trafficking accusation.

First of all she rubbished those who linked her jail to Ghanaian business tycoon, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite as she said she’s never seen him before.

According to the actress, once upon a time, she was approached by a certain guy that he has a program in USA where he would want her to host as a star.

They helped her to apply for the American visa and she got it.

When she was about to travel, musician Kaakyire Kwame Appiah made her pour out everything in her bag to thoroughly inspect it but she didn’t understand.

Finally, with the event organizer and another guy, they passed through the Ghana Airport, sat in the flight and safely arrived at USA airport.

At the Airport she was waiting to get clearance with the other guys and as they waited for the custom officers to clear them, she was quizzed  about her luggage.


The custom officers asked her if the luggage is for her and she said yes.

They asked what’s in her bag and she said it’s her dresses and upon inspection, they found a brown envelope which contains some whitish substance.

She denied knowing anything about the envelope so the custom officers asked her whom she traveled with and she pointed at the two guys.

The custom officers turned so check those guys  but they were no where to be found so Kumiwaa had to be kept in jail at the Airport.


She was moved to another jail and processed for court with lasted for over a year.

According to Kumiwaa, though she wasn’t tortured the rate at which others were hanging themselves in jail scared her.

Eventually, the judge in charge of her case found her not guilty and told her Ghana is her favorite country.

Kumiwaa says one worker at the court told her to take her worship seriously because for 20 years she’s been working at this court, never has she seen a judge defend an accused person.

Finally she returned to Ghana after 1 year, 2 weeks in jail but till date she is yet to see those two guys again.

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