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VIDEO: I don’t only believe in Jesus Christ but I accept him too- Jnana Caskus Das

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The existence of Jesus Christ has been one of the major controversial issue that some religious groups are contemplating to believe.

Some religious teachers do not believe in the existence of Jesus Christ because they claim to have not gotten enough proof of His existence by some Christians they have had an enter with.

But the founder and leader of Transformation and leading member of Hare Krishna Movement in Ghana Jnana Caskus Das says does not only believe in the existence of Jesus Christ but He accept Him as well.

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“The fact that somebody cannot prove the existence of something doesn’t mean that thing never existed, there are many things we cannot prove its existence, like the mind and intelligence, can you show me your mind? No!, can you show me your intelligence? No! But the fact the you cannot show me your mind or intelligence that’s not mean that you don’t possess them. If you read Bhalvasya purana the coming of Jesus the Christ was predicted 300,000 years before His appearance on earth.”


He further explained that, if you read the Holy Bible well, you noticed that from the age of 12 we never heard anything about Him until John the Baptist baptized Him at age 30. But According to the Bhakvasya purana (an ancient scripture before the bible and the quran) he lived at Eastern world for 18 years and the Holy Bible couldn’t have captured that because He was out of Israel.

The Life coach however concluded that His relation with Jesus Christ is not on the platform of belief but on the platform of Acceptance. And He also believe that Jesus can give salvation to those who follows his teachings and not those who claims to be christians.

The Founder and leader of Transformation 108 foundation Jnana Caksus Das is touring United State of America to meet members and also preparing them for the incoming 2nd Anniversary of the Transformations 108 foundation.

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