Video: Akwapim Poloo Winds Her Waist To Sister Duurbee’s Kakalika Love

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This month has really been a busy one as the scandal surrounding Sister Derby’s relationship with Medikal came to a sad end with Fella Makafui snatching the ‘Uncle Obama’ hitmaker’s boyfriend with ease.

This whole brouhaha made Sister Derby released her current banger ‘Kakalika love’ which was a song to mock Medikal and Fella Makafui.

The song talks about two people sneaking around and dating each other, hiding like ‘kakalikas’, which is the Ga word for cockroaches.

However,the song has been trending for a while and Sister Derby has promised to gift GHc1000 to anyone with the best video of the  kakalika challenge.

The attention seeker Rosemond Brown who sees this as a great opportunity to ‘tap’ some fame has joined the Kakalika challenge.

She was seen twerking like no one’s business.

Check out the video below:



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