Very Sad: 4 Year Old Boy Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head [PHOTOS]

A 4-year-old boy, Na’vaun Jackson, accidentally shot himself in the head.
The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital and admitted to an intensive care unit, where he was fighting for his life.

The gun Na’vaun found belonged to a family friend of his grandfather ,Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from owning a firearm due to prior felony convictions, CNN affiliate KRON4 reported.

It was left unlocked and loaded under Wilson’s pillow.
Police have charged Wilson with possession of a firearm by a felon and child abuse.
“It was real irresponsible,” Ramon Price said. “And unfortunately it was my grandson who got to pay the ultimate price.”

Since then, his once-critical condition has stabilized, and he’s been removed from the ICU.
He’s alive, but there’s permanent, irreversible brain damage, his grandfather ,Land said.

He’s alive, but there’s permanent, irreversible brain damage, Land said.
“We maintain our faith and pray that things will turn out and he will leave (the hospital), but with the extent of his injuries, he’ll never be the same,” she added.



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