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“Vanity Upon Vanity” Meet The Lady Who Owns a Mansion Built With Gold Because She Loves Anything Gold

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All of us are searching for capital, but the fact is that it is not for us all. It is only when those principles are respected and followed, that life can be better for those who live in it. I’m going to tell you about the Edo woman, a 35 years old, who understands the reasoning, and thus has managed to obey her doctrine until the very end.

That is so many people fail to get money but come home in utter anger later. You have rightly put in your hands the net, hook, line and sinker but you have not learned the techniques, the strategies and even fishing (money) for till the net gets ripped up and call for substitution.

It is no surprise why the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer. The wealthy have learned the mysteries of making money at the fingertips. The bad just have a faded background and does not want to do what others do more up-to-date.


Ehigozie Ogbebor is a female industrial tycoon who waves in her favourite profession. It has not only created opportunities for themselves but also for those who deal for it and it will never again split up until two decades.

Born in Benin City, State of Edo, on the 15th June 1985. A couple of years ago, she married Kenneth Bramor.

To begin, Ehigozie did not delay, even though she had more than enough money to make more money. It will improve various lavish and glamorous assets.

She is CEO of the Hotels and Houses in Sayaveth. The suite is one of Edo State’s most popular hotels. Her ways of supplying consumers with services are still rising and she is well known in Nigeria and abroad.

In 2011 she began to get employment offers mainly on interior designs, something she does with great excitement. Ehigozie Ogbebor once worked as a marketer at an insurance company.

She owns a mansion with gold accent, where she sleeps, worth millions of naira. In 2018 she began designing her home and this year she completed it. Actually she was able to celebrate her 35th birthday on 15 of June in such a powerful mansion as her birthday present.

The multimillion dwelling of Ehi Ogbebor has a luxurious 7-bedroom village which she described simply as The Casa E Project” It has a big piano, an electric bathroom, an indoor view area and a full bathtub, among others.

She had a divorce from her first husband about 10years ago, according to a confirmed article.

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