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UK woman who accused Thomas Partey of rape ‘lying for attention’ – Screenshots

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Social media users have challenged sexual abuse claims made by a UK-based Spanish woman against Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey despite providing a trove of evidence.

Identified as Miss Chaurntae, several tweets put out by the alleged victim Thursday suggests Partey is a serial rapist who had unconsented sex with her on two occasions.



She claims the second incident of rape happened on a yacht trip outside the UK – just 10 days before UK laws allowing police forces jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the UK were revised.

According to Chaurntae who tweeted with the handle @deffonotchaur, Partey is now walking a free man not because he’s innocent or there isn’t enough evidence against him, but because he’s not eligible for charges that would’ve put him in prison.

She backed her claims, with screenshots of her purported private conversation with Partey showing him admitting to the crime.

Thomas partey is an ADMITTED rapist No woman can accuse you of raping her and your response is this???? He raped me, left me in bed unconscious then went out to party in Ibiza, came back, laughed in my face and told me I don’t get to say no to him. Not once said I was lying,” Chaurntae tweeted.

“We’ll see who’s a liar once I post screenshots of him admitting it.


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However, a tweep has challenged the UK woman to the allegations and apparent lies she’s peddling to ruin the reputation of the Ghanaian International for some unknown reasons.

The Twitter user punched holes in the alleged chats the woman claims to have had with Thomas Partey, citing inconsistencies with current events.

The tweep noted that Partey who supposedly admitted to abusing her is currently playing in the pre-season with the gunners and could not have gone on holiday with her.

Check out the tweets

The tweep also posted screenshots of the official Snapchat account of Thomas Partey and another one from which the woman shared the chats.

A close look at the two accounts shows the woman made a fake account replicating Partey’s to give the impression of him admitting to the crime.

Others also asked for photos and videos showing her and Partey together, to at least ascertain her claims they ever dated or spent time together, but the woman couldn’t provide that.

Thomas Partey is yet to respond to the allegations fast gaining traction on the social media space. No official statement from police in the UK has been made public yet.

GHPage cannot verify the claims but we will bring you further details when they become available.



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