TRILLA Writes: WENDY SHAY’s Performances Suck — Ebony Was Way Better However Bullet And His Team Should Be Blamed For Her Abysmal And Boring Performances

If you have ever been to an art class, criticisms are very common and inevitable. As humans we are not perfect, perfection perhaps is an illusion therefore criticisms are bound to happen like the legalization of gay marriage.

As a music producer, artist, data analyst and writer, I have been lampooned a couple of times. Every day is a learning a process for me so I try to develop my skills. I have written a plethora of articles on issues with both brutal and lenient “pens”. I have commended and chastised and this time around I am on sexual songs hit maker, Wendy Shay.

Personally, I have not grown on the wings of Wendy Shay in terms of her songs however I have been admiring her banging body – “ludicrous” innit? I like her but not yet a fan because she hasn’t wowed me. Very difficult to see the “X factor” in her despite having good songs.


I am not a prophet but I believe Bullet is behind her sexual songs — Uber Driver, Bedroom Commando and Astalavista. I am preparing myself for her next sexual song after Psalm 35. She lacks the vocal ability as a singer — no prolific variation in her voice. I concurred with EShun when said Wendy Shay needs a vocal coach.

As an artist, performance is one of the fundamental cardinal elements in your career. In Ghana, per what I have observed, an overwhelming majority of the artists do not invest in their performances. M.anifest, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Samini and a few others take their craft serious, the rest are bunch of “jokers”. As an artist, as you attain a higher height, you should be able to perform live — not necessarily with a live band but singing/rapping over an instrumental. Reason why the aforementioned names will continue to flourish.

Miming does not unearth the creativity in an artist. Rocky Dawuni in a recent interview said that artist should perform live. Gramps Morgan had also said same and I believe if you are a proper music enthusiast and inclined in music, you will agree with them in entirety. I am not a fan of miming but there are some artists who mime with energy making the crowd boisterous. Artists like Shatta Wale and VIP now VVIP.

Wendy Shay does not come across as a performing artist but a recording artist. Despite enjoying her songs, I had not watched any of her performances. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine (lady) and Wendy Shay on the beat found her way into our conversion.

I told my friend I have not seen Wendy Shay perform and she told me Wendy Shay is not adept at it. I decided to check out her performance at Miss Ghana. I also witnessed her performance at the RTP Awards. I came to a conclusion that her performances suck and what I have to do is enjoy the “head”. Candidly, she is boring to watch!!! You can have hit songs but can’t wow a crowd with them. Her performances are abysmal, awful and terrible.

The gods are not to be blamed rather we should put the blame on Bullet and his team. Before I unleash the dragon on Bullet, I must say Bullet has done well. It is a Herculean task to discover a talent and make the talent blow within the shortest spate of time in this rigid, unstructured and hostile industry. Bullet deserves the commendation for the success chopped by Ebony and Wendy Shay.

Now here is the case — Ebony was heavily chastised by entertainment pundits and music enthusiasts because her performances were poor. I did not watch all her performances but the few ones I watched she did not wow me albeit her hit songs. However she was better than Wendy Shay.

Bullet seem not to be bothered about the feedback on performances so Wendy Shay is on the same trajectory. He is rather concentrating more on writing more sexual songs and trolls about Wendy Shay. Bullet’s obstinacy is having adverse effect on Wendy Shay. By now Bullet should have taken the feedback seriously and then groom Wendy Shay with regards to performance. In view of this, the blame should be the albatross on his neck.

I hope Bullet and his team who will do a “clandestine” reading of this article take this feedback in good faith and work on her. As a music producer, I will like to work with her albeit this semi-harsh criticism!!!

The writer is a gregarious, affable, amazing and multi-talented lad who strives for perfection even though perfection may seem to be an illusion. 

Trilla is a music producer, recording and voiceover artiste, writer and a blogger as well. He once in a while pens down deep anthropology of poems. He is also good at research work and data analysis.

He owns both TheManInYourMirror.Com and TrillaInspires.Blogspot.Com. His views on issues are solely objective devoid of bias and impertinence. Email: [email protected].com Phone no: +233276758602