Trainee doctor accidentally cuts intestines of a woman during breast enlargement surgery

She died at Nairobi Hospital after trainee doctor accidentally cut her intestines

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) has released a report on the circumstances that led to the death of June Wanza Mulupi who grabbed media headlines after her death was reported to have been caused by a botched breast enlargement surgery.

The professional body found that June was not properly handled and was operated on by a trainee doctor who was not authorized to carry out any medical procedures without supervision.

The 35-year old mother of three walked into Surgeoderm Healthcare Clinic Limited in what she believed to be a simple operation to enlarge and firm up her breasts.

Three doctors were supposed to handle the operation, the lead surgeon Prof Stanley Ominde Khainga, an anaesthetist Dr Evans Charana, and Dr Martin Ajujo.

According to KMPDB, Dr Ajujo was a trainee surgeon who was under the supervision of Prof Khainga while Dr Charana lacked a practicing license from the body that is legally mandated to licence medical practitioners.

Dr Ajujo confessed to KMPDB that he had started the operation without his supervisor, Prof Khainga, being present as he was reportedly running late.

The trainee had undertaken about 25 percent of the procedure when his supervisor arrived and completed the surgery.

A day later, the patient’s husband, Mulupi, visited the clinic to pick up his wife but June complained she was in a lot of pain.

By evening, the situation had gone worse and the patient had to be rushed to the Nairobi Hospital where she was placed at the High Dependency Unit. She died a few hours later on June 7.

The autopsy shows that her intestines were accidentally slit, causing waste to flow, and subsequently caused blood infection that killed her.

The clinic’s license was also said to have expired by the time Mulupi was first seen in March. However, by the time of the fateful surgery in June, the clinic had already renewed its license which they received on April 5.

KMPDB has ordered a tribunal to carry out a full inquiry on the conduct of the clinic and the three doctors involved in June’s death.

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