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Tracey Boakye shares “on way” honeymoon video with Frank

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Actress, Tracey Boakye, has given her haters something new to talk about again after sharing a video of herself chilling with her sweetheart on their way to enjoy their honeymoon.

The mother of two has endured and suffered a lot of severe and vile criticisms from social media users after she married Mr Frank Badu.

From being accused of snatching Mr Frank from Vivian Jill to sponsoring their wedding because her hubby is broke and a lot more unsavoury comments.

Well, amidst all those backlashes, Tracey Boakye is still together with Mr Frank and growing strong together each and every other day.

Tracey, who likes to show off has shared a new video with Mr Frank chilling in 1st class seats on their way abroad to enjoy their honeymoon.

In the video, the new couples popped champagne in the air and whispered some sweet words into each other’s ears.

With Shania Twain’s – “You’re Still The One” playing in the background, it’s obvious Tracey Boakye is deeply in love and nothing can stop her from loving Mr Frank Badu.

Watch the video below to know more…


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