Top 7 Most Powerful Fanbases Of Musicians In Ghana 2018

We all need support to win from time to time but the rarest kind of support is having people who are devoted to your dreams and talents and will go any mile to see you win.

This rare support can be found between a musician and his or her followers. Imagine thirst without water. There’s a similar equation if a musician lacks a fanbase.

Well, I am not here to give you some cheap statistics about how many followers some musicians have on social media. I like to define fanbase as the core supporters, the loyalists, the die-hards.

I am making this list base on three elements — how the fanbase promote projects of the musician (Promotion & Publicity), how the fanbase defend the musician when he’s erred or just being trolled (Damage Control & Defense Team), and lastly how the fanbase helps the musician to win awards and stay relevant (The Glorious Team).

Based on these elements I was able to come up with these fanbases

Patupa Sojas

I think the one corner hitmaker Patapaa must be really grateful to his fans for holding him down and supporting his craft even after the “One Corner” craze subsided. Thanks to the Patupa Sojas, Patapaa has cemented his place in Ghana’s very vibrant and highly competitive music industry.

Publicity And Promotion = 5/10

Damage Control & Defense Team = 5/10

Glorious Team = 5/10

Fans Of Ebony Reigns

Though deceased. Ebony Reigns was able to build herself an army with the aid of her very determined management team. Fans of Ebony Reigns no doubt qualifies to have a seat on this table. Ebony reigned and dominated the Ghanaian music industry arguably the whole of last year until her demise and I believe fans of Ebony Reigns cannot be ignored in her short-lived glorious career. Thanks to the fans, Ebony Reigns emerged the first ever female to win the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ Artiste of the year.

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Publicity & Promotion = 7/10

Damage Control & Defense Team = 5/10

Glorious Team = 6/10

Gadam Nation

There’s no debate that Fancy Gadam has one of the most enviable fanbases in the country — Gadam Nation. The support is beyond just a love for his music, it’s tribal and ethnic thus, the support he gets is very core. Something like a country supporting their team at the world cup. Damn! You gerrit! Recently, news broke that a social media user was severely molested and beaten for making derogatory comments about Fancy Gadam. I hope you haven’t forgotten what his fans did to Patapaa and his one corner at this year’s VGMA. They “outvoted” one corner as the most popular song of the year and crowned “total cheat”, It was really a total cheat. Lol.

Promotion & Publicity – 7/10

Damage Control & Defense Team – 7/10

Glorious Team – 8/10

Team Joe Mettle

Surprised? Of course! They may not be as loud and famous as the aforementioned fanbases but they certainly know how to get things done. You think it’s easy for a gospel musician to emerge as the VGMA Artiste Of The Year? You think what happened? Chale this team doesn’t joke. They love working quietly. They love amazing and astonishing every time like they are doing now! They Won the Gospel song and Gospel artiste of the year at this year’s VGMA. You gotta salute merhn!

Promotion & Publicity – 7/10

Damage Control & Defense Team – 7/10

Glorious Team – 8/10

SM Family

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They are the most vicious and vibrant fanbase in the country. They are the loudest, you can call them the noisemakers. They are mostly full of thugs and ghetto youths because their leader Shatta Wale emerged from the ghetto. You dare not mess with them. They are ever ready to dine in the gutters with you when you touch their leader. They are very devoted.

Publicity & Promotion – 7/10

Damage Control & Defense Team – 10/10

Glorious Team – 7/10


Their leader is Stonebwoy. Archrival of SM family. They share a few characteristics with the SM Family but they more decent and discreet. There isn’t much to say really about them except their concentration on grabbing international awards until a fight between them and Shatta Movement Family pops up.

Publicity & Promotion – 8/10

Defense Team & Damage Control – 9/10

Glorious Team – 9/10


A round of applause and a standing ovation to the supporters of Africa’s undisputed Rap King Sarkodie. They are just flawless, very discerning, highly supportive and crazy admirers of Sarkodie’s creativity and rap dexterity. They don’t really like beef and grudges because they know of its negative effects on the brand Sarkodie but don’t get me wrong. If you deserve a beef, you will really get served. Ask Manifans!

Publicity & Promotion – 10/10

Damage Control & Defense Team – 9/10

Glorious Team – 9/10