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Top 5 Richest Scammers In Ghana

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Sakawa Men

The rate at which the number of scammers in Ghana is growing surprises many. Owing to the country’s most reliable internet speeds; fraudsters have continued to prosper. Many have also attributed the scamming activities of the “Sakawa Boys” to the lack of jobs for Ghana’s youth. Here are the top five personalities involved in scams

Sakawa Boys

Ghana scammers’ names are actually quite familiar

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The nickname “Sakawa” comes from the Hausa language which means “putting Inside.” Sakawa stories in Ghana are not new and it turns out some of Ghana’s most popular personalities have been mentioned in these tales.

It is not hard to spot an alleged Sakawa boy. They are known to live large. They drive big posh and expensive cars. They spray money on cubs and appear not to care. They live the spendthrift lifestyle. They move in vehicles playing loud music and seem not to get worried about police rules.

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What makes people curious is how their rate of spending does not match their income rates. At first, these young men were known for scamming love hungry old American, European or Australian men. They use fake identities online, especially those of unidentified females. By using female scammer photos, they lure foreign men by trying to shower them with love. In turn, they ask them for millions of dollars or pounds with those that they flirt with. lternatively, they fake ownership of oil and diamond mines. Those who play to their tune are asked to send them money for mining or document processing after which they are conned.

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But a new style of using the extraordinary Ghana juju/voodoo Charm powers to lure they victims easily as developed. They use these traditional witches before sending their Ghana scammer pictures. Some are believed to even house snakes that vomit money in billions at night. On the internet, you will find how these Ghana scammers are flirting with expensive cars and mansions look. Below is a list of celebrates who are believed to be Richest scammers in Ghana.

Musician Criss Waddle

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It is funny how the thing appears on Waddle and his posh lifestyle. Before his hit song “Ayi” came to the limelight, he was hardly recognized. But he was known for his lavish lifestyle.When shooting Ayi song; his garage was full of posh cars with his name on the plates. Very few understand how he acquired a Range Rover Sport, Dodge Magnom, Audi and Infiniti M 35 X. It is easy to doubt whether his wealth comes from music considering his humble beginnings as a plumber in his hometown. When interviewed, he hardly refuses to answer questions on his educational background. The mystery around his background and wealth makes it likely that he is the richest scammer in Ghana.

Criss Waddle's Audi worth 59kCriss Waddle’s Audi worth 59k

Nana Wan

He is apparently the richest guy in Madina. He is also the C.E.O of Wiafe Companies and the president of 2hype music. He owns cars like Lamborghini, BMW X6, Chrysler, and the famous Range Rover. It is a puzzle still how he rose to be that filthy rich. Reports have it that he spilt the beans in a church of his Sakawa activities, claiming to have killed 114 babies, his relatives, and his own son to get the riches. He confessed that his life was in danger and was given a life ultimatum. The rituals he used to make money were making demands which he couldn’t meet. Thus, he had decided to choose Christ as his savior.

Nana Wan
Nana Wan

Pope Skinny

The list would hardly be complete without mentioning Pope Skinny. He went public about his sakawa activities in an interview. When he was asked about Sakawa, he said that he has never involved himself in the bloodshed activities of “the game.” But he admitted having withdrawn a lot of money form the Western Union. “The yellow house” as he referred to it, is a popular primary money transfer option used by these scammers. This puts him in question over the Sakawa thing.

Pope Skinny
Pope Skinny openly flaunts his wealth

Nhyiraba Kojo

He is one of the wealthiest Ghana hip-hop musicians. He lives in a big mansion and drives big cars. But on the other side scamming issues follow him. At one time the police were on his trail and still are due to a scamming case. Together with his other two celebrities Francis Boafo also known as Zoro and Cash Power (Richard Nfum) were alleged of withdrawing some large amount of cash from the Spintex at Barclays bank. This was thought to be some scamming cash thus, putting them in the list of Ghana fraudsters.

Nhyiraba KojoNhyiraba Kojo


Medikal is a member of the Arab Money Group (AMG) headed by Criss Wale. He Is known to be one of the most talented fraudsters in the game. This revelation shows that he is one of the excellent brokers in the Sakawa brokers activities. According to TFK, a budding Ghanaian musician, Medikal makes his money from being among the Ghana Fraudsters.


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