Top 5 Celebrities In Ghana And The Political Parties They Support

We are back once more. I was enjoying some sobolo drink yesterday when a friend contacted me. He said, why not write on these celebrities. As a result, I sent my journalist to visit these five personalities in Ghana. We now have the true news they cannot deny.

The following are the top 5 big names in Ghana and the parties they support.

5. Yaa Pono:
Yaa Pono is a good rapper. His favourite food is koko and bread however when it comes to politics, he supports no other person than Akua Donkor.

4.Afia Schwarzenegger:
Afia is a generous woman. Her best friend is K. K Fosu. Her favorite food is tom brown and watermelons. When it comes to politics, she supports the NDC. She is Mahama’s secret girlfriend though.

3. Edem:
The heavyweight Voltarian rapper is next on our list. The Volta region is known as the voting bank of the N.D.C. However, Edem is a great supported of Nana Addo and therefore an N. P. P guru. Do you remember his song “Nana 3ba”? His favourite food is baked cassava…

2. Sarkodie:
As for the Hand to mouth singer, I need not to talk much. He supports N. P. P 100%. He is the ambassador of the party in music. He also revealed to us sometime ago that his favourite food is Sugarcane and Kenkey.

1. Shatta Wale:
Most Shatta fans do not know the party their leader supports. Surprisely, they can sing all his songs. Before I give you the party he supports, Shatta Wale has a great appetite for Mashed yam and bread. Now, do you know he supports Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings? He supports NDP 100%.
Now, if you like, go ahead and ask your favourite celebrity. They cannot deny it.