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This is the Best Date Match I’ve Seen on Date Rush; Ghanaians Rejoice for Enice And Fareed

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The 5th season of Date Rush is on again and as usual, the fun is still burning. This time around, 10 men are lined up as they prepare to receive acceptance from a contesting lady.

The battle for a date on Sunday 18th April was very critical. Just when the lady appeared on the show, personally, I projected that she wouldn’t get a date for some reasons and the supreme reason was the fact that she has two children.

But upon her appearance on the show, her dance moves, confidence level, maturity and verve to stand the men was quite mesmerizing. She stood on her ground to defend herself and she was really proud of her size and her being a mother.

Fareed was swept off his feet by, I guess, the above qualities I have enumerated above. He fell in love immediately he spotted an eye on her (Enice). He asked her important questions like; are your children from one father?

that question goes a long way to determine the kind of person Enice is. If the answer had been ‘No’, it would mean she has an offensive attitude and men cannot stay with her. Again, she cannot tolerate men and wouldn’t mind moving on with a tiny mistake from a man. But the answer was ‘Yes.’

Fareed also made some serious promises on the show. He told Enice that, he wouldn’t mind giving her one of her kidneys as and when the need arises.

The duo danced off the stage and Ghanaians were filled with joy for this match. One Twitter user (Ebenezer Mensah) posted that;


This is the best date I’ve seen since I started watching Date Rush. They really deserve themselves

Others also said this:


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