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This Generation Is Sick, Reason Married Men Still Go After Other Women – Prophet Oduro

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Ghanaian prophet and marriage counselor, Prophet Oduro has stated that this current generation of young couples are sick and need to be prayed for. 

Speaking on one of his virtual preaching on UTV, Prophet Oduro disclosed that, most young ladies of today concentrate so much on their outward appearances that they have forgotten about the true appearance of Christianity.

” Today’s generation is sick!  Young ladies of today are so lost. They dress anyhow, put on artificial hair, they even go as far as doing plastic surgery just meet a certain status quo and this often breaks my heart”. He stated.

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According to Prophet Oduro, what pisses him off more is the married men who spend their time and money on these “slay queens” just because they can’t keep their zips  closed.

“Men who cheat on their wives are just being foolish…They are not only bringing curses on themselves and their generations.. Why do you go in for another woman when you have a legally wedded wife at home? Do you want die before your time? He quizzed.

He went ahead to advice young couples to remain prayerful to be able to stand  temptation.


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