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This Brother Needs Your Help, Not Financially, But a single Share Will Help

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Jerome has suffered 3  strokes over the last 8 years.  The last one, in 2017, was massive and left him with severe paralysis.

He is bed bound. Jerome is fed through a gastro tube. He can’t walk or talk, but hears and understands us all very well. Jerome can only communicate with simple gestures (eye blinking and thumb up/ thumb down with right hand only), or he tries to use his communication board.

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Jerome spent many months in hospitals and a year in a nursing home.  He is at home now under home health  services.  We have been blessed with a power wheelchair and a computer communication board to speak for him.  The areas that we lack in funding are for a handicapped shower in our home, a wheelchair accessible van for transportation, and funding for speech and physical therapy.   Other than costly medical transportation, he has no means of transportation.  He is basically homebound.

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Making life normal for him would be to have transportation to go to doctor appointments without long transportation wait times, church, visit family, or an occasional fishing trip.   Anybody who knows Jerome, knows that he loves fishing! We would appreciate any donations toward this fund to assist with expensive home upgrades, continue physical therapy and transportation.  Keep the prayers coming during his this road to recovery! Peace and blessings.


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