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The Spiritual Benefits And Uses Of Cassava Leaves

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There are many plants which have tremendous benefits to man. Some of them are used for food while others serve medicinal purposes. Many plants are used to prepare herbal medicines or concoctions which are used in the treatment of different ailments. Herbal medicines prepared from plants do not have much side effects like the orthodox medicines. But the herbal medicines do not work effectively and as quick as the medicines prepared from chemicals. Some plants also have spiritual benefits to humans. They help to bring good luck to the users. There are some plants which help to drive evil or malevolent forces from humans. One popular plant which has many tremendous benefits to humans is cassava leaves. The cassava leaves are used to drive evil forces.

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When you are facing spiritual attacks from your enemies, keep a desired quantity of the leaves under your bed and sleep on it. The leaves can also be kept in your pocket or cloth anytime you move from your house to somewhere. The cassava leaves will render any spiritual attack against you to be powerless. Sometimes, you will go to the hospital for treatment and the doctor will confirm that the ailment has no medical explanation. They will refer you to other more advanced hospitals but the outcome will be nothing different from the first health centre. It only points to the fact that you are facing a spiritual attack from malevolent people. You should keep cassava leaves under your pillow as you sleep. You can also put the leaves in your mouth for as long as you can. Is it not quite surprising and wonderful how common herbs or leaves could have benefits which seem to be out of your reach? Try it and see it’s efficacy!

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Do you know that cassava leaves serve as food for many people? This is known to many people. The leaves serve as vegetables which are used in the preparation of different dishes. The cassava leaves contain vitamin C and protein. The leaves of the cassava plant drive away well geckos from your room. This is yet another benefit of the plant. Wall geckos are considered as nuisance to many people. If you hate those creatures, get as much cassava leaves as possible and keep them in the room. Those creatures will find their ways out of the room without force and others too, will not come into your room. If you feel that the temperature in the room will make the leaves dry up too soon, you can cut the stems and place them at vantage places in the.

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Cassava leaves help fight fever and headache. Get ad much cassava leaves as you want. Put them in a cooking utensil and add water to it. Boil it for sometime. Drink the the concoction till the fever or headache goes away. But prolong boiling of the leaves will make the liquid thick and acquire a nauseating taste. You can equally grind the leaves and add water to it. Extract the liquid and drink as a remedy for headache and fever. Another benefit of cassava leaves is that it helps prevent constipation when it is used of food.

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