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The smarter a woman is, the difficult it is for for her to find the right man

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There is an adage that reads; “The smarter a woman is, the difficult it is for her to find the right man”.

Such an old saying was brought back to memories as I spotted it on the WhatsApp Status of a brother.

Many men believe smarter women do not get their right companions because they always try to prove themselves right in every situation.

A socialite recognized as Guiam Wainwright shared his views on the topic via Quora as follows;

“Speaking as a reasonably successful man – at 33, I’ve founded/sold a few businesses, am a chief in my particular field, am not (I hope!) unattractive, and my net worth is definitely over the million marks that people seem to obsess about.

I’ve found, and I’m not alone within my circle of friends, that the ability to hold a conversation is worth more than looks, particularly when considering a long term relationship.


A 24-year-old cocktail waitress, pretty, agreeable and however nice a person, is unlikely to be able to talk to me about things I care about, or generally follow along.

Frankly, neither would I, myself, at 24. I don’t want a life partner who’s a little more interesting than an ornament on a shelf.

Youth and beauty fade. Intellect, curiosity and the desire to better yourself strengthen with age.

I’d much rather marry a 32-year-old lawyer, or IB banker, or writer, or anyone who’s driven to succeed and develop, than the pretty, agreeable yet unchallenging woman most of the people here seem to champion. When we’re both old and wrinkly I’d still like to the value the present moment, not a memory of when you were younger.

That’s not to say that pretty but unintelligent (or the extreme quadrant of the crazy/hot scale) won’t find men – short term. But they’re ones you date for a short while, not ones you marry. I think most men figure this out around their 30s. If you’ve, er, made a mistake before that, well that’s what divorce is for.

Sadly, finding intelligent, successful, driven, confident women who are still single when you’re a 33-year-old male seems to be becoming harder and harder. Life on a diet of sexy but boring cocktail waitresses and secretaries can get tiresome. They’ll challenge someone, and be a great partner for someone, but for an intelligent, driven, successful man (who wasn’t born in the 1970s) it’s no longer enough to just look good at the detriment of other qualities.

I don’t know if in general if the smarter a woman is, the harder it is to find a guy – I’d agree that they’re looking for a small group of men within the general population. But with the entrepreneurs I move with, ‘smart’ is a highly desired trait. Come fish in a different pond.”

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