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The Secrets of Lebron’s Fitness

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LA Lakers’ star, Lebron James, has a physique envied by lots of people, especially fellow athletes.

At the age of 35, King James, as he is popularly known, is fit enough to play every game for his

team. The fact that he can play many games is attributed to his fitness levels. His high-level

performances have made him one of the most decorated basketball playoffs performers of all

time. He is walking the same path as soccer superstar and Cristiano Ronaldo who’s the same age

and still performing at top levels. Ronaldo has continued to make Juventus an almost sure bet for

punters on Betway as he leads them to win after win.

James has managed to maintain outstanding levels of fitness by investing a lot of money and effort.

A 2018 report revealed that James spends 1.5 million USD to take care of his body. The amount

includes the money he spends on purchasing equipment for his home gym, paying his chefs and

trainers. His home gyms are a replica of gyms in Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat.

James is known to work out four days of the week intensely. He relaxes and does little work out

during Wednesdays and weekends. In his training routines, he includes high-intensity intervals

that are physically demanding and various strengthening workouts.

Apart from working out, Lebron also watches on his diet. The body needs to be refueled with the

right food for endurance and strength. In a Men’s Health report, Lebron had lost a lot of weight

from taking meals that had no dairy, sugars, or carbs for 67 days. He only took fish, meat, fruits,

and vegetables.

However, his body does not look like what he eats. His former teammate, Tristan Thompson,

claimed that Lebron James has a weird diet. Thompson told “The Athletic” that James eats five

French toast drowned in syrup with bananas and strawberries. He then takes a four-egg omelet.

Thomson also added that Lebron James eats desserts with every meal. He loves sweets.

Thompson termed this diet absurd because it works for Lebron only. He (Thompson) tried it but

gained a lot of weight. He wondered how Lebron James is able to maintain such a body with that

kind of diet.

The bottom line is that Lebron James’ fitness is due to his elite genetics and the workouts that he

does every four days of the week. There is no way one will be eating so poorly and still

maintaining a good physique. If you are eyeing that super body, you need intense work out like

King James. Lebron’s work out plan enables him to maintain a high level of strength in

competitions. His name on the team sheet shapes decisions of basketball fans on Betway because

of the influence he has on games. He only rests for a short period, which is why there are great




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