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‘The guy you rejected today because he is poor, 10-years to come, you will bow before him’ – Counselor Charlotte

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Ghanaian female counselor, Charlotte Oduro says those women who reject men because of their current status will live to regret it 10 years from now.

According to her, any lady who is focused on dating men with wealth only and declining the poor but potentially good ones will regret ever doing that.

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She said instead of turning down their proposals, why don’t they just support them and into achieving their dreams so they settle down as a wife and husband.

“But let me tell you the guy you reject today, 10 years to come, you will bow before that guy. Why don’t we be ready to support the guy who has vision but then they don’t have the physical; cash,” – Counselor Charlotte Oduro said.

“It is because we compare ourselves to our fellow young ladies. Because they are wearing Gucci shoes, Gucci bag, whatever, if you want a Gucci shoe, buy it for yourself, if you want a Gucci bag go buy it for yourself. Women need to start doing something for themselves and stop looking for I want the guy who has got money, etc.,” – She added.

Her advice is really a deep one that needs to be considered by any woman.

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