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Tears Flows As Another Young Man Who Lives In USA Dies Few Days After Returning Home For His Wedding

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Social media has been saddened again by the death of a young man who lives in the United States of America but returned home for his wedding. The sad story which was shared on a Facebook page has got many social media users reacting in pity and grieves concerning the result of the man’s intention to get a lady from his home but resulted into such tragedy.

Most men after securing a good job that earns them money which enables them cater for themselves and the family, the next move in the life of such person is to get the love of their hearts in oder to spend their live with and make a family. This has made marriage so important in the life of many young men and women. This is the only practice which qualifies a man or a woman irrespective of their class or wealth as complete.

Some men are lucky enough to find themselves in foreign countries especially outside the African continent to live their life and secure themselves a good job. Some people after making it abroad vow never to return home and as a result, they get married abroad and make their family. Why do most men do this? They do this because we always have the intention that our homes (Africa) are full of witches and wizards and will work on us with their black magic to get us down even though most people don’t believe in this.

The death of a young Cameronian man who returned home from the USA to get himself a wife in order for them to return back to the States has got many social media users concluding to the fact that our African homes are full of black magic.

According to reports, the young man through hard work and determination managed to get himself in the USA where he secured himself a good job and earned good money. After some years in the States, he finally decided to get himself a wife for them to continue their lives in the States. He thought it wise that it will be a good idea to come back home and get himself a local lady from home.

He successfully came home and got the lady of his choice and proceeded with the white wedding. But unfortunately for this young man, he has died 35 days after his wedding at age 27. They were to travel back to the USA in February 2021 but unfortunately for them, that won’t and will never happen. The 27 years old man got ill and was admitted to the hospital. He died at the hospital in just two days after he was admitted. The exact cause of his death has not been actually known or revealed yet by doctors.

Let us extend our condolences and prayers to the family and loved ones especially to the widow for such an opportunity missed.

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