Stonebwoy reacts to reports that he removed Sean Paul from EOM Album

Stonebwoy has reacted to our earlier reports that he removed Sean Paul from his Epistles of Mama album and also changed the day of its release.

The Album was released on December 12, 2017. However, checks on Itunes indicates that the release date has been changed to June 27, 2018.

Well, Stonebwoy reacting to the news on Twitter claims someone abroad sent a photo of the story to him for him to validate it.

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In response, the BHIM Nation CEO is blaming Bloggers for writing “senseless” articles.

“Someone just sent me this from abroad. U can Imagine How We Are Perceived Out deh Globally.Everyday “SENSELESS” Headlines.Empty Content. WHY? We Won’t Get anywhere with this.
Bloggers/Writers aren’t We Too Blessed And Smart To Be Acting Dumb. WhenTheWiseKeepMuteFoolsMultiply“, Stonebwoy tweeted.

The question we have to have him is, wasn’t the date of his Album release changed? Why isn’t there Sean Paul on the track list on Itunes again?

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It’ll be good on his side to address this issue and give reasons why this has taken place. Rather than discrediting whoever saw this changes and wrote his observations.

Artiste in Ghana are not respecting Bloggers. Whiles in reality, we’re the people projecting the more.

His Ashaiman to the World Concert is widely promoted on social media even more than all those media rounds he’s making.

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Some respect should be accorded to us.

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