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‘Stealing a bracelet’ to a ‘husband snatcher’ ~Five scandals that nearly broke down Emelia Brobbey

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One of the women in Ghana who is respected and loved as a celebrity is Kumawood queen, Emelia Brobbey. She is not just beautiful but she is also one of the few talented actresses in the Ghanaian movie industry.

As humble as Emelia Brobbey is(appears) she has not always had it all rosy and a smooth walk in the industry. She has been involved in series of scandals that nearly destroyed her career.

From being called a thief to being labeled a husband snatcher, these are the top four scandals that nearly broke down Emelia Brobbey.

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Sex Scandal

The first Emelia Brobbey scandal that hit the screen diva was when it became public knowledge that married Emelia Brobbey was pregnant for another man.

Explaining what really happened, a source disclosed to Ghpage.com that Emelia Brobbey took her sick mother to a hospital to seek treatment for her. For reasons best known to her, she ended up being in a sexual relationship with the doctor for months.

The husband who was also the father of her son was occasionally out of the country for business reasons suspected her of cheating and confronted her on several occasions but she denied it all.

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Unfortunately for the screen goddess, she became pregnant for the doctor and all her affairs in the dark became public knowledge. The husband divorced her and that ended Emelia Brobbey’s first marriage.

Husband snatcher

The man who impregnated Emelia Brobbey and ended up becoming his second husband is the founder of End Point Homeopathy Clinic, Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng.

Before Emelia Brobbey met and got married to the infamous rich Dr. Boateng, he was already legally married to Maame Aba. Dr. Boateng and Maame Aba have been married for over 7 years before Emelia entered their home.

Maame Aba was the person who took the Doctor from his father’s clinic at Kasoa (Last Hope herbal clinic ) and financed him to establish his own clinic End Point Homeopathy Clinic with money and properties she inherited from her late parents’ wealth. But they have no child, hence, Emelia Brobbey.

Maame Aba although a very quiet person suffered in silence and occasionally reveal to her close pals the torment she is going through with Emelia’s efforts to snatch her husband.

After Emelia gave birth to their baby, another baby was on the way but sadly, she lost the pregnancy. Dr. Boateng left her and got married to another lady, Naa Kokor whom he now has a son with. And that ended her second marriage… KARMA!

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This Emelia Brobbey scandal is probably the worse scandal that nearly broke the Kumawood star. When Emelia Brobbey was impregnated by Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng whiles she was married, she was flown to London by the Doctor to minimized the disgrace caused by their abomination.

When she successfully gave birth in London, hardly had congratulations ceased pouring in from her fans when Ghanaian Media was hit with another news. Emelia Brobbey has been arrested for shoplifting a bracelet at “Piercings” when she went shopping there.

Explaining what really happened. Expensive White Berry who was an eyewitness said:

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She was in Enfield Town, north London at the Piercings Departmental Store she stoled some ear rings on the first occasion and was spotted on CCTV. On a different day, she made a second attempt to steal a bracelet but as soon as she came out of the shop she was questioned by a security guard.

She was therefore sent to a private room and they did a body check. The police were called and she was asked to identify herself and her address. She gave Gloria Agyemang’s address to the police and she was cautioned and fined for theft.

The sad aspect of this was that the lady she was staying with in London (Gloria Agyemang) and another lady who came to visit them (Eunice) were all deported because their Visa’s had expired.

The police found out about their expired visa when they followed up on the address Emelia Brobbey Provided and detected they were illegal immigrants and reported them to the Immigration Service.

Gruesome accident

This particular incident wasn’t an ” Emelia Brobbey scandal ” but it nearly broke down the actress. The sensational actress was involved in a terrible accident that nearly took her life.

Revealing what really happened and how she carries an injury mark on her chin and her forehead during an interview on UTV, the beautiful actress said:

“I was on a VIP bus, on the Accra-Kumasi highway and our bus collided with a truck when we got to Apedwa..it was a fatal accident, “

“I thank Almighty God for saving my life. If I look at what happened to some of the passengers on board the bus and the fact that many people even lost their lives, all I can say is I thank God,” she added.

In spite of all these, she was and has been able to withstand them and still regarded as one of the top actresses in Kumawood.The young mother must be a true gem



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