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Spiritual Attacks, Burn African Incense(Palm inflorescence)

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Palm tree is a very powerful plant and precious that no part of it is waste. From the roots to the fronds are so many benefits spiritually and physically.

No wonder when the elders are pronouncing blessings they say may you be like a palm tree because it bears plenty fruits with firm roots which can withstand every air so it’s not easy to see a palm tree uprooted by air. That is why it is used in many directions because Palm symbolise Life,Power and victory

In the book of Revelation it is recorded that a great multitude in Heaven were seen holding palm branches rejoicing and do you Remember Jesus was welcomed with palm fronds when entering Jerusalem.

Now to our topic you see sometimes we rent rooms, shops and other things you don’t what happened there or who has been there before you and this has caused many people a lot because many that person who left before you came might have brought in some demons you don’t know and are still staying despite the one who brought them have left.

You can say the place is new or maybe has not been used before, don’t be deceived someone was there before you.

That is the reason why many people are suffering from spiritual marriages and financial difficulties.

If you are going through spiritual difficulties or entering a new place do this.


1: 1 piece of Palm inflorescence 

2: Mosquito coil stand 

Now to the PROCEDURE, Hold the palm inflorescence in your hand and say a prayer of your wishes and what you are going through onto the inflorescence like you are speaking into a microphone after put it into the stand and light it or burn it. Leave it to burn as it is burning it drives away every evil spirit or negativity around.

Take note when your landlord or a neighbor is a witch he or she will not take it easy with you after burning but don’t worry things will Also change for your good.

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