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Spiritual Uses Sodom Apple (Wagashi Ahaban) And How To Use It To Find Solutions To Your Problems

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Plants and leaves have serve many purpose from the olden days to this era. Although modernization has reduce the dependant rate of plants and Leaves in serving as medicinal purpose and other uses. However, some plants and Leaves are still useful due to their unique characteristics and how powerful they are.

Sodom Apple or Wagashi Shaban is one of the plants which is still useful in this era due to its uniqueness. The leaves of this plants is normally use to prepare Wagashi. It has its spiritual uses as well as most plants are being used.

Whenever you are deeply caught up by an issue or some kind of decision, first pray to God in heaven to give you understanding and solution to the issue.

From exactly 10:00pm going, go to this plant with corn dough NOT Corn flour, narrate your problem to the plant and as you do so, sprinkle the corn dough on and around the plant.

After you are done, pluck three of it leaves and send them home. Arrange the leaves in opposite sides example, 1st leaf is front, 2nd leaf must be back, 3rd leaf must be front on top of each other like that and put it under your pillow then sleep on it.

In a dream you will get all solutions to the problem(s) you stated to the plant or see what lies ahead of you in the future.

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