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Slay Queen Goes Crazy For Shatta Wale, Tattoos His Album Art On Her Brɛast

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We don’t know if it’s youthful exuberance or just a fan who is crazy about idol but whatever the case is, this young girl known as Mharmhe Adhwoa Icey on Facebook is going viral on Facebook for tattoing the logo of Shatta Wale’s album on her breast.

Shatta Wale’s ‘Reign’ album is expected to drop in October and his army of fans are doing their very best to promote the album and it seems, each one of them wants to do something crazier to show they are the most loyal to the king.

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It’s good news for Shatta Wale to have such loyal and dedicated people who love him, but to see a young girl tattoo an album logo on her breast, well, we don’t know what else he wouldn’t do for the king.

Who knows, perhaps she could be invited to the ‘kingdom’ to fully bow to the D! (throne) and show off her creativity. We’ve been wondering what her boyfriend’s reaction would be like if she has one, or when she finally gets one.

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Anyways, it’s her body and is allowed to do whatever she wants to do with it.

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