Sister Deborah ‘Dissed’ Lydia Forson When We Were Dating – Medikal Reveals

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Medikal and Sister Derby’s breakup is actually getting out of hand as Medikal has spills a secret Deborah told him about actress Lydia Forson when they were dating.

According to Medikal in a new video making rounds on social media, Deborah confided in him that Lydia Forson was too “fat to be her friend” and that she won’t get anybody to marry her; a move by Medikal seeking to cause confusion between Sister Derby and her good friend, Lydia Forson.

In the video, Medikal revealed how he met Forson in Kumasi, hugged her and they took some selfies together but he didn’t have any bad intentions until Sister Derby said her friend was too fat to be her friend and she didn’t like the fact that she was always following her around etc.

The only popular friend of sister Derby who we all know to be ‘fat’ is Lydia Forson and after their break-up, Deborah Vanessa and Lydia Forson seem to have become inseparable, with Lydia promoting Deborah’s ‘Kakalika love’ song against Medikal and Fella Makafui on social media.

Lydia who seems so hurt by the action of Medikal asked him in a video to explain what really caused their breakup. Watch that video ghpage.

Is Medikal’s new jab a move to deprive broken-hearted Sister Derby of any support from anyone?



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