Show Us The Whereabouts Of The Missing Taadi Girls And We Will Believe You – AVRAHAM BEN MOSHE To Ghana Prophets

Three young girls have been missing since last year and the police are yet to find them. The search has proven to be difficult because the main culprit is not saying a word. Recent news even indicates that, the suspect was almost beaten to death by angry residents after court proceedings.

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However, just like South Africa, Ghana is filled up to it’s fullness with a lot of Prophets who can easily predict the future. They can reveal when a man will die or go abroad. So, why is the police not engaging these men? This is a question the leader of the Common Sense Family is asking.

Let them show us the whereabouts of the Taadi Girls. We will then believe them.

So, this is a big challenge and we are waiting to see if one of them will accept the challenge.

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