Short people are usually blessed with greatness – Davido

Short people especially short men have suffered in the hands of ladies in this our 21st century.

A short man will see a very fine lady to date and he’ll be knocked of because, this girl would say: “As for me, I want a tall gentle man”.


Being a short man is sometimes hell you know? Because it’s as if we’re not even considered to be human beings at all unless you have money and pot belly.

Well, singer Davido has come out to make a very true statement about short people.

He tweeted that there’s something about short people and greatness.

If you don’t agree, go and ask President Nana Akufo-Addo to explain.

And please ladies, stop ridiculing we the short men. It’s not fair ooo.

God will punish you people for over-looking us ooooo😂😂😂

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