SHOCKING!! Boys Armed With WEAPONS Stormed A Restaurant In Ijebu And Ordered All Women To Remove Their PANTIES

In a shocking happening, some boys armed with weapons allegedly took over a restaurant in Ogun State to steal panties.

According to the report, the boys who allegedly took over a restaurant to steal panties, gave women who had no panties some to wear for 5 minutes.

A Twitter user @Omotayo_visuals who first shared the story, wrote:

Some boys went to an eatery at ijebu ode Ogun state and collected all the pant of the ladies there no killing or robbery they just went there for the pants,those that didn’t wear pant were given pant to wear for five (5) minute.

There were other Twitter users who corroborated the story. @Jahspraiz wrote;

I live in Ijebu-Ode and I can assure you, it happened, in fact, my mom was in that restaurant in the afternoon before the robbery occurred in the evening. It occurred on the 1st of January

I was surprised when she told me. The place was crowded being a holiday period. And it’s a popular restaurant in Ijebu-Ode. I only heard of Mosun Cafe, were the others also “robbed”?


@Iam_whales wrote:

Mehn, that’s terrible. I called a guy now and he said it’s Mosun Cafe. Chai



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