See What Uncle Bobrisky Was Caught On Camera Doing To Tonto Dikeh’s Son! The World Must Hear This!!! [Photo]

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Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky

Bobrisky spends time out for dinner with Tonto Dikeh’s son , King Andre.

One would have never guessed Bobrisky will be big Uncle Bob or shall we say Aunt B to any celebrity child but here we are! It is a new dawn ladies and gentlemen.

Just recently a photo of the male barbie having lunch with Tonto Dikeh’s son, King Andre, surfaced on the internet and a lot of people have questions. It is no news that Tonto and Bob are really close pals and even shared a kiss at her last birthday party.

However, for some reason, many fans had hoped that the relationship was just surface level but it seems it is deeper. King Andre looked comfortable to be hanging with his big uncle or aunt (whichever the individual in question prefers) recently.

They were both having lunch at a fancy restaurant and one can’t help but imagine the kind of conversations they might have had. It is a relief that although Bob is a male barbie in an almost disturbing way, he has shown himself to be nice and thoughtful. He has also gone all out to put smiles on people’s faces whether with cash or offer a form of assistance, for which reason, he is considered a good person.

Besides, if mama bear approves, then it must be fine.

Here is the photo below:



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