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Sarkodie Explains Why He Does Not Grind Ladies In Music Videos

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Sarkodie has explained why in his long and successful music career, he has never been seen getting touchy or grinding and of the video vixens in his music videos.

Known as arguably the greatest hip hop artiste in Africa, Sarkodie may be too conservative for a rap act. Although the hip-hop genre comes with a culture of style, cockiness and sexually explicit behavior, Sarkodie is one that has chosen to do it differently.

The rapper is not known to be one that flaunts his cars or mansions nor has he been seen getting sensual in any of his music videos.

A fan in a tweet asked Sarkodie if his decision not to get freaky with any females in his videos is part of his brand. Sarkodie in response mentioned that it had nothing to do with his brand adding that he just isn’t comfortable doing that.

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