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Sarkodie Confirms He Is An Illuminati? Here Is the Evidence

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Sarkodie is undoubtedly seen as the best African rapper and true to this; he has won many international awards, performed on huge stages among other things.

Sometime ago, he released a track ‘Dear Rap’ and to the surprised of many, he never acknowledged the help of God in his music career, but attributed everything to ‘rap’.

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The track ‘Dear Rap’ raised a lot of doubts in the minds of listeners and some of his followers who are staunch Christians but could not voice out.

‘Dear rap’ is also a proof that confirms earlier allegations that Sarkodie is indeed illuminati.

Though his punch lines are very much on point and killed the bars, Sarkodie never in a line acknowledged God’s help.

“Thank You Rap, You Pushed me from the ghetto up to the pinnacle I will never ever stop, what else?’ You bought me a house, got me a car, survive all my niggas on a block”


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“Now I’m taking over, everybody move back because am heading to the top and I don’t give a f**k.”

“No Sin, No God No Heaven …”

Could this not be Sarkodie ignoring God and telling the world that there is no sin and no heaven?

Listen and DOWNLOAD ‘Dear Rap’below

Click To DOWNLOAD The Sarkodie’s No Sin NO God Song

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