Samira Bawumia, Donates To Patients At a Hospital On ‘Boxing’ Day

Samira Bawumia extended her philanthropic hands to some patients at Greater Accra Regional Hospital on ‘Boxing’ Day by donating some food and drinks to them.

The Muslim pretty wife of vice President Dr. Bawumia, forwent her Religion and celebrated the X’mas with the embattled patients.

She interacted with the staff and children at the Child Health Department and motivated them as well.

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Samira is a known hard-working woman who had undertaken a lot of Philanthropic works across the country.

She recently donated GHC200,000 to cover cost of surgery for patients at a hospital.

See Photos Below:

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Samira Bawumia, donates to patients at a hospital

Samira Bawumia, donates to patients at a hospital

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