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Safo Kantanka New Cars [Photos]

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Safo Kantanka is one of Ghana’s most treasured minds in the manufacturing industry. The talented man is a jack of all trades who doubles up as a chemist, physicist, philanthropist, biologist and a manufacturer of totally unbelievable inventions. He has developed technologies that have really taken the science field by storm.

Safo Kantanka New Cars

He is infamous for his charitable actions that have funded many charities in Ghana from his numerous investments. He is also a religious man founding the Kristo Asafo church. He is also the owner of Great KOSA network of companies which deals with an array of economic activities around Ghana.

Apostle Safo Kwadwo Kantanka Cars

His company Kantanka automobiles Limited, is one of the leading producers of African-made cars in the entire continent. They have produced some car models that have really competed evenly with other imported cars. We have compiled a list of Apostle Safo Kantanka Cars that have made headlines recently:

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Kantanka Odeneho

Safo Kantanka New Cars

This is not your average definition of a car. It is the first of the Apostle Safo Kantanka cars franchise. It is an engineless salon car developed in 2012 by Apostle Safo Kantanka. The car does not use a combustion engine like others. Instead, it has an electric motor that is powered by the use of rechargeable batteries.

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When you are driving during the day, the car has been fitted with solar panels that convert energy from the sun into mechanical energy that acts as power for the car. In case you are planning to travel during the night, you can charge the batteries with electricity also. This really helps reduce the environmental pollution caused by the emission of carbon from the combustion of engines.

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Kantanka Onantefo 1

Safo Kantanka New Cars

The car was established in 2006. The four-wheel drive was one among the latest brand models. The car has been upholstered in order to suit the needs of different customers. It has an adjustable steering wheel. It also has an electronic door that has a proximity protection feature.

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The car is built to withstand harsh climatic conditions when driving. It has a 2.4 Multi-Point Injector engine with a fuel consumption of 10.3 liters. It covers a top speed when on full fuel engine of 100km per hour. The car has also been fitted with crash avoidance technology to protect the occupants from the intensity of the accident.

The car has been made proudly in Ghana but has met all the international standards. The company offers various methods of purchase plus a 3-year servicing deal for free and free number plate licensing. It is being used by many official dignitaries in the Government.

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Kantanka Mensah

Safo Kantanka New Cars

It is one of the latest Safo Kantanka’s vehicles. The salon car is powered by a four-cylinder engine with a fuel consumption of 1.5 liter that produces 102 horsepower. It also has a five-speed automatic transmission. The inside of the car has been upholstered with state of the art fabrics and design. The back seats are positioned conveniently while the front seats are spacious for the driver.

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The car has a low fuel consumption that can be estimated at 6.4 liters per 100km. It also has an electronically controlled steering wheel to give the driver maximum comfort while driving. It also has a unique air conditioning system. The car has been strongly built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Safo Kantanka car price for the Mensah is GHc 120,000 but other forms of payment are also accepted. For entertainment purposes, the car is fitted with an 8-inch touchscreen. It also has a Bluetooth connection to ensure you enjoy your music while driving.

Kantanka Amoanimaa

Safo Kantanka New Cars

It is among Safo Kantanka’s new cars. The luxurious vehicle fits every description of comfort and style. It is upgraded with the latest technologies to ensure your satisfaction. The automatic car has a 6-cylinder engine with a fuel consumption of 1.4 liters.

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It has the body of a normal sedan. The car has also been fitted with modern day accessories such as seat warming, electronic steering wheel, and air conditioning systems. The company offers a free 3-year servicing deal on any purchase. They also offer free license plate numbering to all their customers. They accept different modes of flexible payments.

Kantanka k71

Safo Kantanka New Cars

The mini-SUV is a high-performance vehicle updated with modern day accessories to guarantee the owner of total comfort and safety. It has a low fuel consumption of 5.8liters per 100km covered. It is also spacious and has room especially when you are traveling with your family

It also has parking sensors to guide you while parking. It is fitted with an LCD screen, Bluetooth and a USB port to give you the best musical experience while you are driving. The company offers a 3-year serving deal for any purchase of the car.

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