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SAD: See the condition of these 3 Ex Football Players

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In life, it is often said that nothing lasts forever and that verdict is very true. Even when someone has gotten so much fame and wealth, it can all vanish in the twinkle of an eye if one is not careful.

Sometimes being careful may not be the solution to avoid certain problems in life. It may happen because it is your fate. All the same, it is good to save some resources for the rainy days.

This article will be showing you some Ex footballer who are in a pitiable state. Do well to scroll till the end

1. Kaseem Yebsaya

From my research, it has been recorded that Kaseem Yebsaya is now mentally unstable.

The very talented man who played with so many top footballers is now in a psychiatric hospital.

He was reported to have been seen roaming around the streets and he was further taken to a hospital for treatment. May God restore him!

2. Sylvester Egbogie

He was a member of a popular team known as the “Green Eagle Team”. He was known to be a fast striker during his days, but now it’s sad that he can no longer use his legs anymore.

He suffered from diabetes and lost his legs along the line. May God heal him completely in Jesus name, Amen.

It’s also sad that Sylvester has been forgotten by so many. We pray that he gets help in the areas he needs it.

3. Peter Fregene

Peter Fregene was a very talented footballer and because of his great skills, he was nicknamed “the flying cat”.

However, he has been bedridden for about 19 years after he had a spinal cord injury, and now he is unable to walk again.

It’s unfortunate that the very handsome and tall footballer is now an opposite of his former self.

Let’s pray for these footballers and ask God to intervene in their situation.



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